Think Pink Europe supports and creates campaigns and projects to draw attention to the risk of breast cancer, the consequences, prevention and cure of the disease.  We promote a healthy lifestyle and try to get people moving.


Caroline Sikkenk has photographed women who have lost their hair following chemotherapy or as result of intensive radiation therapy. For most women, losing their hair can be a very upsetting experience.

Once the hair is gone, a different kind of beauty emerges. Other features draw our attention; delicately or strongly outlined cheekbones, cheerful freckles, the shape of the lips, a certain sparkle in the eyes. The hair no longer detracts our attention from the pure beauty of a face. Faces that in the absence of the framework normally provided by hair, radiate strength, emotion and femininity.

It takes courage to let others see you without your hair. Not only are these women ‘bald’, they are above all ‘BOLD’: strong and courageous.  BOLD is not just an awarness campaign, above all, these women empower other women who are in the same situation.  

Think Pink Europe supports the BOLD Expo and makes it travel through Europe.  Every time the exhibition travels to another country, new local models are added.

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2015 - Haarlem

2016 - Groningen

2017 - Naarden

2018 - Rotterdam

Bonaire (Caribian Islands)

2018 - Kralendijk


2018 - Gent

2019 - Brussel

2020 - Oostende


2019 - Rome, Pescara


2019 - Athens


2018 - Durham

2019 - Raleigh

Bosnia and Herzegovina

2022 - Sarajevo

Spain (Canarian Islands)


2022 - Arona

2023 - Adeje


2024 - London

Dakar For Life | Think Europe Racing Team

Together with Fundación Carrera Por La Vida/Walk for life we launched the DAKAR FOR LIFE 2023 project.

A campaign to raise BREAST CANCER AWARENESS IN WOMAN AND MEN. Unfortunately, men are often diagnosed with breast cancer at a more advanced stage, largely due to the lack of awareness and information about breast cancer with men.

Follow the Think Pink Europe RACING TEAM again at DAKAR Canary Expedition 2024! They will try to draw attention to the existence of breast cancer with males and the need for further research.

Dakar Por La Vida


Dakar Por La Vida


Healthy Lifestyle

In the last ten years, more and more studies based on longtime follow-up of millions of patients, have come to the same conclusion: lifestyle improvements to weight management, physical activity, nutrition and alcohol consumption will contribute to a healthier way of life that can help minimise the risk for breast cancer.  

The generally accepted recommendations are based on a number of proven facts:

  • For postmenopausal women, there's a 1.5 to 2.0 times increased risk of breast cancer if a woman is obese. Body fatness is suggested to increase cancer risk as a result of hyperinsulinemia, increased estradiol, and inflammation;
  • It is estimated that physical activity alone could prevent one in eight breast cancer cases;
  • Alcohol is responsible for 6.4% of breast cancer cases. Any amount of alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer and the more a woman drinks, the higher her risk;
  • There is a significant inverse relationship between non-starch vegetable consumption and a lower risk of breast cancer.

Simple advice for most people could be summarised in two sentences:

  • Do physical activities like walking, running or biking, if possible several times a week. 
  • Take care of what you eat and drink: avoid being overweight and don't drink too much alcohol. 

Although most of the people are fully aware of this advice, still it remains an obstacle.

Easier said than done?… We want to help!

We would like to inform you about the latest news, research results, tools, tips and tricks to help keep you motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Follow our new items on this website or follow us on Facebook.

Why not join the Race For The Cure and start preparing for your run or walk right now?

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Project in the picture

Together with our partner Anita Care and the University Hospital Antwerp, we are able to support a beautiful project in Belgium to help cancer survivors get back on track. Preparing them to go on a canoe trip in Sweden, moving on the water with their own strength, away from all the luxury and daily stress we know, together as a group, helping each other, and finding their own capacities again.

This project is a great example of how cancer patients can work on their recovery and live a healthy lifestyle.

Kanotrekking Zweden (Dutch)

Folow their adventure #lotgenoten.herademen