BOLD Expo Lights Up World Cancer Day on Global Stages

In a resounding tribute to strength, resilience, and the fight against breast cancer, Think Pink Europe's BOLD Expo by Caroline Sikkenk took center stage on February 4th, captivating hearts and minds. This extraordinary event aimed to illuminate the journey of those affected by breast cancer and elevate awareness on a global scale.

The BOLD Expo Experience: Unveiling Stories of Courage

The BOLD Expo, curated by the visionary Caroline Sikkenk, transcended traditional boundaries, offering a unique blend of art, awareness, and advocacy. Through captivating visuals and poignant narratives, the expo shed light on the challenges faced by breast cancer warriors, emphasizing the power of resilience and unity.

Witness the Spectacle: Social Media and Think Pink Europe's Website

For those who may have missed this awe-inspiring spectacle, both Pink Ribbon Foundation UK and Think Pink Europe have shared captivating videos and images on their social media platforms. Delve into the immersive experience and witness the impact of the BOLD Expo on the global stage.

Unifying Forces for a Brighter Future

Think Pink Europe extends heartfelt gratitude to Pink Ribbon Foundation UK for taking the BOLD Expo to unparalleled heights. Together, we stand united, fostering awareness, support, and hope for a world free from the challenges posed by breast cancer.

Photo credits: Kelly Reeves

Let's continue to spread awareness and make strides towards a future where breast cancer is no longer a formidable foe.  Together, we are bolder, stronger, and unwavering in our commitment to a breast cancer-free world

Linda Nolan's Inspiring Presence at BOLD Expo UK

Adding an extra layer of inspiration to the BOLD Expo UK, the renowned and courageous Linda Nolan graced the event with her presence. A beloved figure and breast cancer survivor, Linda brought her own story of resilience and triumph to the forefront, resonating with attendees and viewers alike. Her participation not only added a deeply personal touch to the expo but also served as a powerful testament to the strength that can be found in the face of adversity. Linda's journey, shared amidst the artistic tapestry of the BOLD Expo, illuminated the path for others, reinforcing the message that unity, awareness, and support are key in the fight against breast cancer. Her involvement reflects the heart of the global movement to eradicate breast cancer, one story at a time.

Read here what the media has to write about it.


Read here what the media has to write about it.