Umbrella organization

Think Pink Europe is an umbrella organzation, connecting more than 25 non-profit breast cancer organizations in Europe as one family.  We provide training  opportunities and share “practical knowledge” between these organizations, that can allow them to strengthen their operative capacities.  We organize meetings to develop networking between them and create the opportunity to share best practices and implement  them at a local level, for successful Think Pink Europe programs such as the “Race For The Cure”.  

Think Pink Europe also generates innovative programs that can help to reduce the gaps and disparities among European countries in the access to quality breast cancer care.  Next to that, we work on awarness campaigns in collaboration with our connected national breast cancer organizations and international partners.

To #closethegap and be #strongertogether we are constantly in contact with each other and get together as a group at least once a year.

"We are all working towards the same goal. It's amazing how much we can learn from each other!"
2023 | SARAJEVO (Bosnia And Herzegovina)

We were very honored to work together with our president Nela Hasic at the Think Pink Center in Sarajevo in the last week of November 2023! 

We look back at some very productive days, reflecting with our board and all the involved breast cancer organizations in Europe on Race For The Cure and our 'Closing The Gap' programs.

2022 | TENERIFE (Spain)

A warm reunion after 2 Covid years.  Also a first meeting for many organizations who joined the Think Pink Europe family in the last years.  

We are finally talking about real Race For The Cure events again and even taking part in the “Walk For Life”, the Race For The Cure by our host Carrera Por La Vida.  

2019 | BUCHAREST (Romania)

In 2019, we were invited to Bucharest by Fundatia Renasterea, the Romanian breast cancer organization directed by our Think Pink Europe president at the time. 

2018 | BRUSSELS (Belgium)

Think Pink Europe was founded on March 2018 by five non-profit organisations that have conducted meaningful breast cancer programs in Belgium (Think-Pink), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Think Pink, “Zajedno Smo Jedno”), Greece (Alma Zois), Italy (Susan. G Komen Italia) and Romania (Fundatia Renasterea).

Today, more than 25 organizations are part of our family.

Think Pink Europe meetings

BRUSSELS (Belgium) - Launch


ROME (Italy)



online - Covid


online - Covid




ROME (Italy) - board

 SARAJEVO (Bosnia And Herzegovina)