HEALTH DAYS in Western Balkan

During autumn 2022, Think Pink Europe, with the support of the socially-responsible company Roche and in cooperation with its Think Pink Europe members from the Western Balkans, Organization Think Pink – Zajedno smo jedno from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association Renesansa from Prizren, Kosovo and Association Europa Donna Srbija from Belgrade, Serbia has organized a project called Health Days. The ultimate aim is to close the gap in health services care, providing free mammography and additional health check-ups such as glucose level measurement, blood pressure, and consultations with gynecologists for women living in disregarded communities.

In some locations we have done health check-ups due to different findings in the field, identified needs and possibilities in each of the three countries to provide women with health services, in Bosnia and Herzegovina Health Days were provided in 5 different locations using a mobile mammogram unit, focusing on both, women living in remote and rural areas who don’t have opportunity to undertake mammogram exam in their local health institutions, and urban women in Sarajevo, since the poor level of consciousness for regular mammogram check-ups among women and the lack of screening program for early breast cancer detection. Health Days were organized in: Pale-Prača, Sarajevo, Pazarić, Tarčin, and Stolac-Uzinovići, taking into account services no matter the nationality, place of living, economic situation, or any other affiliation.

In Serbia, free mammogram check-ups were provided to women from the Roma population in the neighborhood of Belgrade – specifically vulnerable groups of society with a lack of opportunity to undertake mammography, and take care of their health in general.

In Kosovo, although a small Western Balkan Country, but with high level of detected breast cancer cases each year in late stage, and the lack of screening program as well, the mammography was provided to women from several cities and places: Prizren, Priština, Vitine, Gnjilane.

Four hundred forty-nine women were examined during these days. The importance of such activities is shown by the fact that 21 women were referred for further diagnostics due to the BI-RADS III mammogram result. 

In our mission of closing the gap in health services between European countries, striving toward equal opportunities and rights to health for each woman and man, the organization of Health Days events in Western Balkan Countries was a huge success in making positive changes changing the code of conduct among women and raising awareness about early detection.  

ACTIVITY REPORT 2022 | Health Days

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Health Days 2023 in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Commitment to Women's Well-Being

In an effort to address healthcare disparities in rural and underserved communities across Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), we proudly organized four impactful Health Days. These events aimed to empower and safeguard the health of women through comprehensive screenings and consultations.

During these Health Days, a total of 305 women received free mammogram or breast ultrasound checkups, aligning with European guidelines for age-appropriate screenings. The initiative prioritized women aged 40 and above for mammogram check-ups, while those under 40 underwent ultrasound screenings. In addition to breast health assessments, women benefited from additional checkups, including blood pressure and glucose level measurements.

Professional consultations with gynecologists were a pivotal aspect of Health Days, providing women with valuable insights into their reproductive health. Gynecologists, based on individual needs, recommended Pap smear tests, emphasizing the importance of proactive health measures.

Beyond medical evaluations, these Health Days served as educational platforms, offering women crucial information on early detection and stressing the significance of regular check-ups. By fostering awareness and knowledge, we sought to empower women to take charge of their health journey.

The impact of these Health Days goes beyond numbers, reflecting our commitment to bridging healthcare gaps. A total of 13 women were promptly referred for further diagnostic procedures due to identified breast tissue changes, highlighting the effectiveness of early detection in potentially life-saving interventions.

These Health Days underscore our unwavering dedication to women's health, ensuring that essential screenings and consultations reach even the most underserved communities. Together, we strive to create a future where every woman in Europe can access comprehensive healthcare, fostering a healthier and empowered community.

The PINK BAG project

In the tumultuous journey that follows a breast cancer diagnosis, the need for information and support is crucial. Recognizing this, Think Pink Europe proudly introduces the PINK BAG project, a beacon of hope aimed at providing equal access to vital resources and support for breast cancer patients across Europe.

Understanding the emotional terrain

The moment of a breast cancer diagnosis is emotionally charged, leaving individuals with a myriad of questions about the disease, treatments, and chances of recovery. Preparing for the steps ahead is challenging, and the PINK BAG project endeavors to ease this burden by offering a comprehensive package of useful, practical, and medical information about breast cancer.

What's inside the PINK BAG?

The Pink Bag is more than just a bag; it's a wellspring of information and comfort. Developed with insights from best practices in Bosnia, Belgium, Greece, and Italy, where similar initiatives have proven successful, the PINK BAG includes materials and information, carefully selected by each involved (national) breast cancer organization

PINK BAG project 2024

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Closing the Gap in Healthcare

The PINK BAG project is a testament to Think Pink Europe's commitment to closing the gap in healthcare across Europe. By providing equal access to information and support during the challenging journey of breast cancer, we aim to empower individuals and foster a sense of community.

As part of our pioneering efforts, we have already placed orders for 7.000 PINK BAG sets for ten European breast cancer organizations that share our vision. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and ensure that no one faces breast cancer alone.

Let's work together to create a Europe where support and information know no boundaries.


HELP Ukraine

February 2022, the news reached us that Ukraine was under the threat of war from Russia.  In a video call with our partnering organization in Ukraine, Inspiration Family, the Ukrainian people didn’t seem to be alarmed.  For them, this war was already going on for years, and they didn’t think a lot would change…

Around 5 o'clock on February 24th, Ukrainians woke up from explosions…  

Russia brutally dared to launch a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine.  The threat had become reality.  Soon, many Ukrainians began to flee the country, to Poland, Romania, and the rest of Europe. 

We immediately checked if everyone from Inspiration Family in Kyiv was safe.  They were hiding in their basements, trying to figure out what was happening and worrying about the cancer patients needing their help.

Only a few days later, OmeaLife, our partnering organization in Poland reached out to us.  They were getting a lot of questions from cancer patients entering their country and were looking for solutions to help out.  Their national health system was not ready for this kind of problem, they had to figure out a way of helping themselves.

Think Pink Europe set up a meeting with Inspiration Family and OmeaLife. One meeting, and one decision was made.  Find ways to help cancer patients from Ukraine, and Think Pink Europe will find financial support.

Inspiration Family

The team of Inspiration Family in Ukraine managed somehow to continue their work by collecting and providing up-to-date information on the work of oncology centers in Ukraine and making a list of services they provide, coordinating medical evacuation, collecting information from foreign clinics and coordinating patients to continue treatment, providing information on the receipt of humanitarian aid to specific oncology centers in Ukraine and communication with the global oncology community about the treatment of cancer patients in Ukraine during the war.  

By the end of 2022 OmeLife helped around 280 cancer patients in Poland.

They did a significant job in:

·   Translating medical documentation and collecting information about the patient.

·   Support in communication with medical staff (translation of the doctor-patient conversation by phone or the personal presence of the coordinator during the visit),

·   Registration of consultations in cancer centers.

·   Providing information about available therapies under the National Health Fund and commercial ones.

·   Supporting in finding accommodation and completing the administrative formalities related to the stay in Poland.

Race For The Cure 2022

Inspiration Family and OmeLife were going through difficult times, they both managed to organize a Race For The Cure event to raise funds. The funds of RFTC 2022 Ukraine were completely used to buy medicines for Ukrainian cancer patients.

This project has made a strong connection between several of our partnering organizations and shows some of the true values of why Think Pink Europe exists. 

Read our report about great cooperation between our partner organizations in support of cancer patients during the war.

ACTIVITY REPORT 2022 | Help Ukraine

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Special support from Olivia Garden

When Olivia Garden announced their “F*ck off Cancer” campaign at the Hamburg Hair Festival in the summer of 2023, they made a special promise to Jürgen Vanpraet, General Director of Think Pink Europe.  They agreed to donate all of the funds raised in Germany with the campaign, to Inspiration Family in Ukraine, one of the breast cancer organizations under the Think Pink Europe umbrella.  

Keeping this promise, Inspiration Family received roughly 35.000 EUR, which makes it now possible to execute their mission program in 2024, of buying medicines for breast cancer patients, which are not available in the hospitals in Ukraine at the moment.  By doing this, Olivia Garden made a clear example of how donations can save lives!  More info on the project will follow in 2024.


Olivia Garden x Think Pink Europe 2023

Olivia Garden Raises Record-breaking 131.596 EUR for Think Pink Europe’s Fight Against Breast Cancer