Empowering Women Across Europe: Introducing Think Pink Europe's PINK BAG Project

The PINK BAG project

In the tumultuous journey that follows a breast cancer diagnosis, the need for information and support is crucial. Recognizing this, Think Pink Europe proudly introduces the PINK BAG project, a beacon of hope aimed at providing equal access to vital resources and support for breast cancer patients across Europe.

Understanding the emotional terrain

The moment of a breast cancer diagnosis is emotionally charged, leaving individuals with a myriad of questions about the disease, treatments, and chances of recovery. Preparing for the steps ahead is challenging, and the PINK BAG project endeavors to ease this burden by offering a comprehensive package of useful, practical, and medical information about breast cancer.

What's inside the PINK BAG?

The Pink Bag is more than just a bag; it's a wellspring of information and comfort. Developed with insights from best practices in Bosnia, Belgium, Greece, and Italy, where similar initiatives have proven successful, the PINK BAG includes materials and information, carefully selected by each involved (national) breast cancer organization, such as:

Informational Material:

  • Medical information on breast cancer.
  • Info on lymphedema and exercise.
  • Details about breast cancer organization services, hospital services, peer groups, nutrition, skincare, lingerie, exercise, and more.

Practical Comfort:

  • Stress ball.
  • Pillow.
  • Cotton prostheses.
  • Skin/hair/nail care products.
  • Notebook and pen.
  • Gadgets from sponsors.
When to receive the PINK BAG?

Depending on its contents, the Pink Bag can be received either at the time of diagnosis or surgery. Distribution can be facilitated by hospitals, breast cancer organizations and peer groups.

The bag will be distributed in 10 pioneering countries, starting March 2024.  Over time, the network and availability will grow over Europe.

Closing the Gap in Healthcare

The PINK BAG project is a testament to Think Pink Europe's commitment to closing the gap in healthcare across Europe. By providing equal access to information and support during the challenging journey of breast cancer, we aim to empower individuals and foster a sense of community.

As part of our pioneering efforts, we have already placed orders for 7.000 PINK BAG sets for ten European breast cancer organizations that share our vision. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and ensure that no one faces breast cancer alone.

Let's work together to create a Europe where support and information know no boundaries.