Olivia Garden Raises Record-breaking 131.596 EUR for Think Pink Europe’s Fight Against Breast Cancer


It was a bold statement, that led to a whopping success! “F*CK OFF CANCER”, is what Olivia Garden and Think Pink Europe vocally campaigned all over the continent, raise maximum awareness for the organization’s fight against breast cancer. The result marks a new record since the start of the yearly collaboration during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month! Olivia Garden has donated 131.596 EUR to Think Pink Europe.

Hairdressers across Europe made this possible, as 1 Euro was donated for every sold hairbrush of the Limited Edition of the famous Fingerbrush and 5 Euro for each kit of the professional SilkCut scissors. Since the beginning of the partnership between Olivia Garden and Think Pink Europe in 2018, the leading manufacturer of professional hair tools has donated close to 400.000 EUR in total.

Mia’s courageous journey battling breast cancer

Breast cancer is a relentless challenger, affecting 1 out of 8 women in their lifetime. To raise more awareness for this sad fact, Olivia Garden launched the bold “F*ck Off Cancer” campaign this year with a touching portrayal of Mia from Germany, a resilient woman currently battling breast cancer. Accompanied by her supportive best friend and by her compassionate hairdresser, Mia is navigating this tough journey with strength. Her hairdresser plays a pivotal role in restoring Mia’s self-confidence during this challenging time. Many people across Europe dived into Mia’s touching story in the videos and stories shared across Social Media. They witnessed her courage, understood her struggle, and saw the empowering reason behind the bold message of the campaign.

“We are very grateful to Mia, for having the strength and courage to give the campaign a beautiful face”, said André Harms, General Manager at Olivia Garden Europe. “Supporting Think Pink
Europe to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention is a good fit to us. The loss of hair due to cancer treatment is directly related to the clients of our hairdressers. Now, for us and our entire team, it is also a highly emotional matter that we can indirectly contribute again when chemotherapy patients receive their wig thanks to Think Pink: It is wigs, that formed the foundation of Olivia Garden when it was founded in 1967.”

Huge effect by hairdressers reselling Fingerbrush to their salon clients

Many hairdressers made a big contribution by not only getting the hair tools for themselves: During “Pinktober”, they were and are still selling the Fingerbrush out of the special “F*ck Off Cancer” counter display to their salon clients to take home. It’s a no-brainer: When using the brush during the styling, clients are already interested in getting this perfect tool for detangling & styling for their home – and after an exchange about the good cause behind the Limited Edition during the appointment, they love that they are able to get them right at the cash
desk, to support Think Pink Europe directly.

“We are extremely happy to have Olivia Garden as the biggest donator for our organization”, Chantal Blockx, Executive Manager at Think Pink Europe said. “With their help, we can work effectively on closing the health gap in Europe when it comes to research and treatment of breast cancer patients. Besides the mind-blowing donation, we are also grateful for the efforts the Olivia Garden Team took for the bold campaign they realized this year with Mia. Creating awareness like this is as much worth as every Euro we receive to continue our mission.”

Olivia Garden at the Hamburg Hair Festival | a special donation for Ukraine

When Olivia Garden announced their “F*ck off Cancer” campaign at the Hamburg Hair Festival last summer, they made a special promise to Jürgen Vanpraet, General Director of Think Pink Europe.  They agreed to donate all of the funds raised in Germany with the campaign, to Inspiration Family in Ukraine, one of the breast cancer organizations under the Think Pink Europe umbrella.  

Keeping this promise, Inspiration Family received roughly 35.000 EUR, which makes it now possible to execute their mission program of buying medicines for breast cancer patients, which are not available in the hospitals in Ukraine at the moment.  By doing this, Olivia Garden made a clear example of how donations can save lives!