We are celebrating 25 years of RACE FOR THE CURE in Europe!

All over Europe we walk and run, to support the FIGHT AGAINST BREAST CANCER.
It all started in Italy with S.G. Komen Italia and we are now one big family of breast cancer organizations in Europe, working together as Think Pink Europe for 5 years.

We are celebrating this in Rome on May 12th.
Will you join us in Rome or at any of the other events in Europe?
Register now on www.raceforthecure.eu

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BOLD Expo Going Global: Piccadilly Lights and Times Square Illuminate Hope

In an unprecedented move, our esteemed partners, Pink Ribbon Foundation UK, took the BOLD Expo to new heights by projecting it onto the iconic Piccadilly Lights in London and the monumental screen on Times Square, New York. This global showcase marked a historic moment on World Cancer Day, amplifying the collective voice against breast cancer.

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Empowering Women Across Europe: Introducing Think Pink Europe's PINK BAG Project

In the tumultuous journey that follows a breast cancer diagnosis, the need for information and support is crucial. Recognizing this, Think Pink Europe proudly introduces the PINK BAG project, a beacon of hope aimed at providing equal access to vital resources and support for breast cancer patients across Europe.

The PINK BAG project is a testament to Think Pink Europe's commitment to closing the gap in healthcare across Europe. By providing equal access to information and support during the challenging journey of breast cancer, we aim to empower individuals and foster a sense of community.

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Olivia Garden Raises Record-breaking 131.596 EUR for Think Pink Europe’s Fight Against Breast Cancer

It was a bold statement, that led to a whopping success! “F*CK OFF CANCER”, is what Olivia Garden and Think Pink Europe vocally campaigned all over the continent, raise maximum awareness for the organization’s fight against breast cancer. The result marks a new record since the start of the yearly collaboration during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month! Olivia Garden has donated 131.596 EUR to Think Pink Europe.

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Closing the gap

All across Europe, local breast cancer organisations, hospitals, support groups and governmental organisations are aiming for the same objective: raising funds, funding research and raising awareness to tackle breast cancer.

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Unacceptable: breast cancer survival rates differ depending on where you live in Europe