How to raise funds to support your action

Step 1: create your personal fundraising page: register your action (Camino, marathon, own initiative) on this website.

Step 2: be creative and let as many people as possible know about your heart-warming initiative, let them know why they can support the fight against breast cancer through your action.

Communication is the key

Share your action and the link to your personal page in as many places as possible 

  • Social media: FB, IG, Twitter, share photos and videos about your action
  • Mailing to all your contacts
  • Flyers, cards and posters to promote your action in local shops and pubs
  • Contact the local press for an article about your action
  • Organise your FB live event where you explain your action and your motivation, make it festive with music and fine anecdotes
  • Reach out to even more people by having the action promoted through your work, company, school, sports club
  • Talk to your manager about your action, maybe your employer or the director of the school will support it and double your collected funds as a sign of solidarity
Fundraising ideas

How to collect money

  • Fast: share your page online and ask to make a direct donation with a secure transfer
  • Together: make it a team page, the more souls united, the larger your network
  • Creative: get to work with your original ideas to collect money

Creative ideas

  • Give online cooking lessons, yoga, guitar lessons, ... ask for a small participation fee
  • Organise a quiz with funny questions and have the main prize sponsored - you can also do this online!
  • Organise a treasure hunt in your neighbourhood for a small fee. Have your stops with snacks and drinks sponsored by your local shop or restaurant.
  • Bake and sell your biscuits, cakes or waffles at work or at your sports club.
  • Organise a raffle at work: place a large bowl with sweets in the reception area and ask your colleagues to guess how many sweets are in the bowl. The winner gets the bowl.
  • Get the children of your friends and family to make a drawing and sell it by auction.
  • Have your photographer or illustrator friend make nice postcards and sell them in packages.
  • Ask if you can place a piggy bank for your campaign on the counter at the bakery store.
  • Organise a barbecue or pancake afternoon for friends, family and colleagues.
  • Sell pink ribbons or other gadgets from our webshop, we will make you a competitive price for your campaign
  • Offer packages with granola, chocolate truffles, noses, go door to door in the neighbourhood or ask to sell them on the weekly market
  • Make deliciously scented candles or soap or hand cream and sell them via your webshop.
  • Clear out your attic, bookshelf or wardrobe and sell your stuff online or hold a garage sale
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