How to organise your own fundraising event

Are you a creative soul, have you ever thought about organising an event with your friends, association or colleagues to support one of our breast cancer organisations?

We can help you with practical advice, promotional ideas or gadgets to sell.

Here are a few ideas to get you started with your own event:

  • Organise a biking, hiking or running event, ask a local restaurant or pub for refreshments, contact local traders to get free t-shirts and other goodies;
  • Sell homemade candles, postcards or face masks at a fancy fair, a local flea market,  at work, in your community center;
  • Plan a dinner party, a barbecue evening or pancake afternoon;
  • Organise a (theme) party and ask your municipality, sports club, boss, if you can use their accommodation free of charge and sell tickets;
  • Have a quiz night in your local pub, ask a small registration fee and ask local traders for prizes to give to the winning teams;
  • Make a beautiful collection box and place it in the canteen or at the reception desk at work or in your local store;
  • Invite friends for a concert or movie night
  • ...


Register and make the fundraising page for your event

When you register, you create a personal profile page.
You can upload a photo, fill in your motivation and then share the page to inform everyone about your special event.

Share your event online and ask people to support your event by participating or donating.
In addition, all sponsorship amounts of people who support you financially will appear on your page, with their personal message. The best motivation for your personal event!

Register your own event here