Together apart, but always together

Together apart, but always together

2020 is a special year. 
Many things are different this year.
Race for the Cure is different this year. 
But we are strong, stronger than Covid-19. 
That is why we come together with friends, family, colleagues 
and run or walk together in our neighbourhood. 
Breast cancer will not stop for COVID-19. 
But neither will we.

We will continue to celebrate and honour those who passed away. 
We will continue to care for those who face breast cancer today.
And we will continue to fight for those who have to face breast cancer tomorrow. 
Together apart, but always together.
That is what Race for the Cure is all about this year.

You have made a difference in the past. 
And we will make a difference again in the future. 
From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of September
We will walk and run all over Europe in 32 countries, together with 36 breast cancer charities. 
For mothers and daughters, for fathers and sons, for sisters and brothers, 
for friends and families, for patients and health care workers.

Together we have one goal: a future without breast cancer. 
That’s why we continue with Race for the Cure. 
Your support saves lives. 
Now more than ever.

Join the biggest run and walk in Europe

This year we run and walk to support 36 breast cancer charities in 32 countries in Europe