One Day, One Race
27 September 2019
One Day, One Race

15 Think Pink Europe members to host the Race for the Cure® on 29 September 2019, the eve of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month October.

Ever since crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Rome, the Race for the Cure® has set foot in a growing number of European cities.

Think Pink Europe members have decided to make a big splash in 2019. Races are being held in 22 European cities.

To make the Race for the Cure an even more heart-warming event with maximum impact, 15 Races for the Cure® take place on the same day: September 29, on the eve of the international breast cancer month October. 

United in the fight against breast cancer

It is unacceptable that survival rates and access to medication depends upon the country where you live.

In Europe, 500,000 women (and men) are diagnosed with breast cancer every year!

Still 120,000 people die of this disease. A lot of work remains to be done.

We at Think Pink Europe strongly believe in working together, exchanging best practices, and using the same flagship like ‘Race for the Cure’ on every possible location.

This creates a strong voice locally, and on top, it spreads the powerful message with the participating countries about the importance of tackling breast cancer and the need to focus on the right priorities.

You can join in and participate in one of the races in a city near you.



Races for the Cure in Europe: calender