Think Pink Europe hits the road to Santiago de Compostela
1 March 2019
Think Pink Europe hits the road to Santiago de Compostela

The Camino de Santiago Scallop shell puts on the pink ribbon in favour of the fight against breast cancer. Think Pink Europe, the European alliance of breast cancer organisations, launches its first project to raise awareness and funds for the most common type of cancer affecting 1 in 8 women in Europe: breast cancer. As the Camino is such a great sportive challenge, rich of tradition, Think Pink Europe invites people from all over Europe to take on the historic routes of the Way of St. James to surpass themselves and make their journey count.

Hit the road against breast cancer

The Camino de Santiago de Compostela has gained a meaning beyond the religious. The journey invites hikers, cyclists, and mountain bikers to challenge themselves physically, while offering them time to reflect on major life events or to figuratively close a chapter in their lives. For others, the journey is a challenge to which they want to give a meaning.

Think Pink Europe specifically chose this challenge of the Camino for its sportive and psychological aspect. Considered as a sportive and personal challenge, it invites people to surpass themselves and live a once-in-a-lifetime experience. On the other hand, Think Pink Europe recalls that exercise is essential to prevent breast cancer, and helps to recover physically and mentally from invasive treatments.

Make your journey count

Apart from personal motivations, the project aims to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer. Individually or in a team, participants pledge to collect a minimum of € 250 per person. By taking on the Camino challenge, they commit to spread Think Pink Europe’s message that, by working together, we aim to give breast cancer no chance. Therefore, 80 % of the collected funds will be donated to a breast cancer organisation chosen by the participants, while the other 20 % will go to Think Pink Europe for all organisational costs.

Plan your journey easily online

Think Pink Europe has developed a unique application available online with the help of the recreational navigation solution RouteYou. On an interactive map, participants visualize the major historic Camino routes all across Europe, and build their journey by choosing their own starting and finishing points. The application also highlights the most points of interest along the way, and contains information on recommended sleeping accommodations and restaurants.

By registering their Camino online, participants automatically create their personal participant page, where they can share the reasons why they enrolled for the Camino challenge, and raise funds to make their endeavour even more meaningful. Thanks to an unlimited access to RouteYou, participants easily plan their journey, ask travel advice and share experiences.

A pink coach for a golden advice

Of course, Think Pink Europe assists them all at every step and offers the help of an experienced Camino Coach, who will share her knowledge and experience, as well as advise them on practical details.

Everyone is encouraged to take on this unique and altruistic challenge for the fight against breast cancer.

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