A Pink and Rose Gold Success for Olivia Garden Against Breast Cancer
20 December 2018
A Pink and Rose Gold Success for Olivia Garden Against Breast Cancer

This year’s breast cancer awareness month turned more than ever pink for Think Pink Europe partner Olivia Garden. With the exclusive “Think Pink Limited Edition”, the hair tools manufacturer launched a fundraising campaign for professional hairdressers in 14 European countries. Its success was so overwhelming that, in less than a month, the entire edition was completely sold out.

Impressed and inspired by the work of Think Pink Europe, Olivia Garden joined the battle against breast cancer by selling special pink and rose gold brushes and shears for its customers. The manufacturer supported the cause not only with the fundraising, but also by supporting hairdressers to take part in actions all over Europe, especially during the different “Races for the Cure” organised in several countries.

A cut for a wig

Olivia Garden supported the European breast cancer organisation by providing shears and brushes to hairdressers participating in the Belgian “Great Lengths Fund”. This fund financially supports women losing their hair due to a breast cancer treatment, undergoing treatment for breast cancer who cannot afford a wig. Every month, thousands of people donate at least 25 cm of hair for the fight. Thanks to the wonderful enthusiasm for this action, this fund has financially helped over 5,300 women since 2008.

Think Pink Europe managing director, Jurgen Vanpraet, is delighted with the Olivia Garden’s support: “We are so happy that Olivia Garden decided to support us both in Belgium and throughout Europe with this wonderful campaign that gives us the means to tackle breast cancer together.” This campaign managed to raise no less than € 25,354 for Think Pink Europe’s mission.

To be continued

Olivia Garden is committed to pursue its collaboration with Think Pink Europe and has already announced a second edition of special Think Pink tools for 2019. Moreover, they are thrilled to take part in the special 2019 Race for the Cure. A race that will take place on the same day in different cities all over the European continent.