Promoting breast cancer research through the Think Pink Europe Innovation Award, with the support of International Paper
2 March 2018

All over the world, health care systems have been developing, but unfortunately at different rates. And that is why we believe European partnerships are crucial; to learn from one another, to raise the bar and reach the same high standard and to develop at a faster pace.

The development must happen on different levels: from education to research, taking care of patients in hospitals, early detection, better rehabilitation and continuously improving treatments.

Stimulating collaboration and innovation

As a result, we are presenting an innovation award of € 40,000 to stimulate collaboration between different countries even further and to promote fast-moving development of best practices and smart ideas.

As Think Pink Europe’s members are all breast cancer organisations, its main focus is on breast cancer. But we are aware that health care in general for women has a major impact and can be very beneficiary for survivors as well. The award, officially the “Think Pink Europe Innovation Award, with the support of International Paper”, will be announced on 7 March, a symbolic date as it is the eve of the International Women’s Day on 8 March.

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