Think Pink Europe Innovation Award - Call for innovative projects in women's health care
4 November 2019
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Think Pink Europe Innovation Award stimulates innovators to launch new ideas on women's health

Where it started

Following the two successful editions of More Thank Pink in 2017 and 2018, Susan G. Komen Italia and ItaliaCamp Association collected over 200 innovative projects in the field of women’s health and awarded several ideas that have been put into practice thanks to the More Thank Pink Innovation Awards.

The quality of the projects that participated are of such great value that the idea to expand the Innovation Award to a larger scale is the next logical step. The aim is to reach a European community of innovators that want to participate in creating new ideas on how to reduce the disparities in the access to quality healthcare and thus closing the gap between European countries. As Italy is one of the founding partners of Think Pink Europe, a new initiative arose to create the Think Pink Europe Innovation Awards.

Women's Health Care

All over the world, health care systems have been developing, but unfortunately at different rates. And that is why we believe European partnerships are crucial: to learn from one another, to raise the bar and reach the same high standard and to develop at a faster pace.

The development must happen on different levels: from education to research, taking care of patients in hospitals, early detection, better rehabilitation and continuously improving treatments. 

As a result, we are presenting an innovation award to stimulate collaboration between different countries even further and to promote fast-moving development of best practices and smart ideas.

Call for European innovative ideas

Think Pink Europe members are organisations aiming for the same objective: raising funds and awareness to tackle breast cancer. So the main focus is on breast cancer, but we are aware that health care in general for women has a major impact and can be very beneficiary for survivors as well.

The aim is to introduce and develop a new project that reduce disparities in access to quality healthcare and closing the gap between European countries:

  • by using digital health
  • by using technologies and digital training
  • through groundbreaking research, innovative models of care, education and specialized programs and services
  • through new projects of advocacy and lobbying that may favour new policies in the field of women and girl’s healthcare all over Europe


The best-selected project will receive an economic contribution of € 20,000 and the possibility to be supported by a special team of mentors and coaches to develop their business idea.

The runner up, that is the second-best idea, not yet ready to be put on the market but many chances to succeed in the future, will receive the sum of € 5,000 and the support of Think Pink Europe to help further development.

Scientific Committee

The committee is formed by a fine selection of professionals from different fields of expertise. They will judge different levels of the presented projects such as clinical and scientific aspects, economical and communicational aspects, sustainability and advocacy.

The names of the members of the Scientific Committee will be revealed after the registration deadline.


Deadline for registrations is January 12th, 2020. The finalists will be announced on February 4th, 2020 (World Cancer Day). They will be invited to take part in a 24 hour Hackathon on March 7th in Brussels, Belgium. The finalists will be joined by mentors that will assist in finalising the presentation for the jury.  The winner and runner up will be announced on March 8th, International Women’s Day.

Registration link

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