Poland | Fundacja OmeaLife

The main goal of the OmeaLife Foundation is to create a support group for patients with breast cancer, educate patients and their families, cooperate with doctors and politicians, improve the quality of treatment in Poland and promote preventive activities. OmeaLife is the only foundation in Poland that takes care of young women with breast cancer and represents their interest.

OmeaLife members participate in international conferences in order to have worldwide knowledge about current methods of breast cancer treatments and to exchange experiences with other patient advocates.

On 11 - 12 May 2018, the Foundation founded a Patient Advisory Committee Chair during the International Breast Design Days in Lódz. OmeaLife organised a workshop with 50 patients from all over the country. This resulted in a manifesto, which was presented during the conference. It describes the needs and expectations of Polish breast cancer patients. This was the first initiative of this type in Poland. The Foundation cares about the idea of creating a modern model of patient-centered oncology in Poland. The workshop was a good start for this discussion.
The OmeaLife Foundation was created in 2016 on behalf of all young women suffering from breast cancer. It was founded by four young women who were diagnosed with breast cancer still before their thirties. They met in the clinic and formed a strong bond, not only because of the cancer but because they were full of energy and had an exceptional, optimistic attitude towards life, too. Even during the extensive and extremely difficult medical treatments they've never stopped dreaming and living their lives fully. They were making career, starting their own businesses and having an active personal life. Now, after this long journey they support other women in Poland. They want to show them a different way of going through this extreme experience, teach them to take control of their lives and take care of their quality of live during and after medical treatment.

Today, the foundation is a co-creation 15 volunteers and their number is growing constantly.

Workshops and meetings

OmeaLife organises workshops and meetings for patients that help them achieve better quality of life during and after treatment. These are, for example, thematic workshops in the field of dietetics, psychological support, beauty care, photo sessions, and motivating meetings with inspiring people.

OmeaLife promotes a healthy lifestyle by giving lectures and inviting patients to join sport activities, fun events dedicated to them. The most popular event is Rózowa Plaza – The Pink Beach, organized on beaches in coastal resorts every summer in Poland.

Support cancer patients during the war

As soon as the war in Ukraine started, Poland was flooded with Ukrainians fleeing their country.  Humanitarian aid was set up at the border and many Poles welcome Ukrainians into their homes. 

Amongst them are also cancer patients who need medical care.  Polish politicians make decisions about free health care for Ukrainians who crossed the Polish border after 24.02.2022. 

Ada contacted Anna from Inspiration Family.  They launched a hotline and were overwhelmed with the number of calls.

Think Pink Europe invited both organizations to a joint meeting and a quick decision about helping them was made. Regular meetings were set up by TPE to find out where help was needed and how organizations could work together. Fundatia Renasterea from Romania joined in too.

In April OmeaLife hired Natalia as a coordinator for patients from Ukraine! Think Pink Europe helped to finance this.

OmeLife helps patients with their treatment in Poland
  • Translating medical documentation and collected information about the patient.
  • Support in communication with medical staff (translation of the doctor-patient conversation by phone or the personal presence of the coordinator during the visit),
  • Registration of consultations in cancer centers.
  • Providing information about available therapies under the National Health Fund and commercial ones.

Supporting in finding accommodation and completing the administrative formalities related to the stay in Poland.

Race For The Cure

Even though Inspiration Family and OmeLife were going through difficult times, they both managed to organize a Race For The Cure event to raise funds.

In Poland, the event was smaller than before, because their focus was on helping cancer patients from Ukraine.  In Ukraine, a physical event wasn’t possible because of safety issues. They had to go 100% virtual, but still managed to pull it off.