HELP Ukraine

Inspiration Family and OmeaLife

The team of Inspiration Family in Ukraine managed somehow to continue their work by collecting and providing up-to-date information on the work of oncology centers in Ukraine and making a list of services they provide, coordinating medical evacuation, collecting information from foreign clinics and coordinating patients to continue treatment, providing information on the receipt of humanitarian aid to specific oncology centers in Ukraine and communication with the global oncology community about the treatment of cancer patients in Ukraine during the war.  With the help of  OmeaLife from Poland and Think Pink Europe they managed to help the ones who were in danger because of their medical condition. 

The first stop for many Ukrainian people was Poland. Humanitarian aid was set up at the border and many Poles welcomed Ukrainians into their homes. Polish politicians also made decisions about free healthcare for Ukrainians who crossed the Polish border after 24.02.2022.

OmeLife helped around 280 cancer patients in Poland. They did a significant job in:

·       Translating medical documentation and collecting information about the patient.

·   Support in communication with medical staff (translation of the doctor-patient conversation by phone or the personal presence of the coordinator during the visit),

·   Registration of consultations in cancer centers.

·   Providing information about available therapies under the National Health Fund and commercial ones.

·   Supporting in finding accommodation and completing the administrative formalities related to the stay in Poland.

Race For The Cure 2022

Inspiration Family and OmeLife were going through difficult times, they both managed to organize a Race For The Cure event to raise funds. The funds of RFTC 2022 Ukraine were completely used to buy medicines for Ukrainian cancer patients.

This project has made a strong connection between several of our partnering organizations and shows some of the true values of why Think Pink Europe exists. 

Read our report about great cooperation between our partner organizations in support of cancer patients during the war.

Think Pink Europe activity report 2022 - HELP UKRAINE