Race for the Cure® 2021 | Stronger together

Stronger Together!

Race for the Cure® is Europe’s biggest sporting event for women’s health. It helps breast cancer organisations and hospitals to collect funds and raise awareness. With 500,000 new diagnoses and 125,000 people who die of breast cancer in Europe every year, these funds are of vital importance. Now more than ever.

Stay safe, stay connected

Last year, despite the COVID-19 restrictions, we proved that we are stronger together. Tens of thousands of people registered and ran or walked in their neighbourhood with family, colleagues and friends. We were overwhelmed with the donations collected for breast cancer charities in 32 countries in Europe.

Stronger together

Again this year, in some countries, we may be physically apart, but we can still connect and come together, where and when the coronavirus measures allow us to. We can show our communities that we are stronger together and that we will continue to fight breast cancer. The pandemic has cancelled many important moments in our lives, but our mission isn’t cancelled, and neither is Race for the Cure.

Your support is vital

At any moment, you can add extra people to your team or invite your contacts to donate to your team directly. The profits of the registrations and donations go to the participating organisations, hospitals or patient support groups that are dedicated to helping breast cancer patients.


From Sunday 26 September to Sunday 10 October, you can walk and run in 43 countries in Europe to support breast cancer patients all over Europe. Let’s create a pink invasion on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with images of people everywhere in Europe, running and walking their Race for the Cure and make the connection by using our hashtag #RFTC2021 together we are stronger!