Dreaming of Santiago de Compostela
Make Your Journey Count!

Passionate about hiking, running or cycling, or just willing to take action for a good cause?

Have you ever thought or dreamt about taking up one of the world’s most historic challenges, The Santiago de Compostela Camino?

With Think Pink Europe, take on the challenge and make your journey count! Think Pink Europe invites you to make a difference, to inspire others and make your Camino adventure even more meaningful by joining our fight against breast cancer and for women’s health!

The Santiago de Compostela Camino: Centuries Old, Yet Very Much Alive

Santiago de Compostela has been a pilgrimage destination since the Middles Ages. Better known by its Spanish name “The Camino”, this trail is one of the eldest challenges worldwide. Millions of people have travelled to Santiago on these roads coming from all over Europe since Medieval times.

Nowadays, the Camino attracts more than ever people from all over the world. Not only pilgrims, but also hikers, cyclists, and mountain bikers, as it has become a well-known challenge inviting people to surpass themselves and live a once in a lifetime experience, regardless their age or background. Every year, more and more people reach the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, each of them with their own story and, of course, their own memories.

Take up an age-old challenge in favour of the fight against breast cancer

Pilgrimage has gained a meaning beyond the religious. The journey invites hikers, cyclists, and mountain bikers to challenge themselves physically, while offering them time to reflect on major life events or to figuratively close a chapter in their lives. For others, the journey is a sportive challenge they rather want to give meaning. The Think Pink Europe Camino project offers you both, while raising funds for a breast cancer organisation of your choosing.

Are you passionate about hiking, cycling or mountain biking? Have you ever dreamt about taking up one of the world’s most historic challenges, and are you willing to take action for the fight against breast cancer? Then register for the Think Pink Europe Camino!  You can either organise the trip by yourself or with a team, then you will be guided through the different steps on this page to help you prepare.  Or you can register for the guided walk or bike Camino events in 2020.

NEW - Walk for Think Pink Camino Spiritual 2020 - organised 7-day walking event

Join the organised 7-day  Camino guided walk event and let us take care of you, hotels, food, luggage, places of interest... The number of participants is limited, click for information.


NEW - Bike for Think Pink Camino 2020 - organised 7-day biking event

Join the organised 7-day Camino guided bike event and let us take care of you, your bike, hotels, food, luggage, places of interest...  The number of participants is limited, click for information.