Dreaming of Santiago de Compostela
The Santiago de Compostela Camino: centuries old, yet very much alive

Santiago de Compostela is a pilgrimage destination so appealing to our imagination that it must be the eldest challenge worldwide. Millions of people have been on these roads since medieval times, coming from all across Europe.

But why do people take up this challenge? Its ancient spiritual meaning has gained a symbolic power, challenging people who often are at a crossroads in their lives. It has also become the sporting challenge par excellence for hikers, cyclists and even runners. More and more people choose to take several years to reach their destination in different stages.

Meet Nathalie on the road to Santiago de Compostela

One of these people who dreamt of Santiago de Compostela is Nathalie, who has been affected by breast cancer. She talked about her Camino dream in a Belgian TV show, in which people share what they wish to have accomplished a year from today. Discover why the Camino means so much to Nathalie.

Walking 18 km a day for 28 days in a row: that was her objective. The road ahead was often difficult and definitely challenging, but was everything she hoped to be. It offered her time to contemplate, to figure out what could be next, to leave some of her worries behind, to dream and to let go.

Follow Nathalie’s tracks and take on your own Santiago de Compostela challenge, starting anywhere you would like to. 

Discover how!