Financial support is vital

Think Pink Europe is an independent non-profit organisation that connects breast cancer organisations, clinics and patient support groups from all over Europe. As we are a non-governmental organisation, we can remain independent and non-biased. Our connections with the different charities in every country, enable us to work directly in the field and close to the people. 

We use the funds to:

  • Inform, raise awareness and organise prevention campaigns 
  • Support breast cancer patients care and aftercare projects
  • Organise common events, the best known is Race for the Cure
  • Fund scientific research projects
  • Support innovative projects in women's health care
  • Exchange best practices and share experiences 

You can read about Think Pink Europe realisations on the news page.


Think Pink Europe news

Read all about our common projects and realisations on the news page


Your help is welcome

Reinforce Think Pink Europe and make a contribution to help close the gap in women's health care in Europe.

  • You can make a bank transfer to the Think Pink Europe account BE31 0018 3782 5755 (BIC: GEBABEBB) or
  • You can choose to support one specific country organisation and make an online payment

Thank you for your support!

Think Pink Europe charities

Read all about the country organisations, what they do to help breast cancer patients and how your support can help them